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S.E. Kenneth Cosentino is an independent content creator and industry executive from Niagara Falls, NY. When he was six years old he won the Roswell Institute of Cancer poster contest for cancer awareness. He first picked up a video camera when he was just nine years of age. At twelve, one of his drawings was selected as part of a special exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. One year later, he began dabbling in the art of special effects make-up.

His film career began as a practical SFX artist at fifteen when he began tutelage under robotics expert Fred Calandrelli; his first paid gig was a television commercial when he was sixteen.

As an artist, Cosentino practices many mediums, including: Writing, Filmmaking, Sculpting, Airbrushing, Illustration, Stop-Motion Animation, Storyboards and Advanced Puppetry. He is an award-winning filmmaker and SFX artist. His four main inspirations are friend Steve Wang, Stan Winston, Walt Disney, and Jim Henson.

As a writer and executive, Cosentino focuses on developing IP's, i.e.; treatments and pitch decks for film and television. He has a knack for original concepts, character design and storytelling. He's known for writing upwards of 25 quality pages per day. He has written one book, "Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters," and he is currently finishing his second installment.

Cosentino teaches a master class in filmmaking as a guest teacher at Niagara County Community College, where he also designed the curriculum for the film production course in the workforce development program. He also teaches the ancient art of Dream Walking at Dragonfly Studio.

As a filmmaker, Cosentino has worked on over 50 feature films. He has written, shot, directed, edited and produced six of his own independent feature films; hundreds of shorts; dozens of political ads, commercials and music videos. His films have won multiple awards, aired in rotation on National PrimeTime TV, and screened in theaters/film festivals in several major U.S. cities and abroad. They have also been available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and on streaming networks such as RedBox.

As a hired gun for the film industry, Cosentino specializes in production. He has experience in virtually every department with the exception of sound. He is co-owner of White Lion Studios, LLC and WNY Costumes & Props. He has worked for studios from Hollywood to NYC, Toronto to Italy. His freelance work began with back-to-back productions from Troma Entertainment and The Asylum, the company behind Sharknado. He has been featured in SyFy Magazine, GQ Magazine, on the cover of The Hype Magazine and on the cover of the UK's Scream Magazine alongside horror icons Bruce Campbell and John Carpenter (Oct. 2016, Issue #39 "KEN COSENTINO TALKS CREATURE FEATURES").
Cosentino is a student of the secret oral teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism, an esoteric school which includes only .003% of Buddhists in the world. His public life is secondary to his spiritual life. He is married to award-winning actress and artist Elizabeth Houlihan and they have two sons, Odin and Osiris.  

In 2009, Cosentino co-founded his first production company, Little Sicily Productions, with partner James Ventry. Under this label he released several feature films. In 2013, Cosentino co-founded White Lion Studios, LLC; recognized as the very first motion picture production company in Niagara Falls, NY. He has been active in his community for years, as an activist for human and environmental rights. Cosentino has a background in politics, out of necessity for the greater good. He has knowledge of several important treaties and a close working relationship with the Haudenosaunee. In November of 2017, Cosentino co-founded the Tuscarora Water Drive, a charitable effort which brings fresh water to the Tuscarora Nation on a monthly basis.